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Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

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Have you ever come across someone who is highly intelligent, but just doesn't get it? Or someone that is highly skilled, but never grows?

Alternatively, have you ever crossed paths with one of those highly successful people that got there without a degree or a handout?

The difference can most often be attributed to Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

High levels of EQ has been found to play the biggest role in performance when compared to 33 other workplace skills*. EQ was found to rank higher than even skills such as adaptability, communication, and industry expertise.

(Ironically, when surveyed over 90% of the population believed that they had high levels of emotional maturity, but when tested only 36% were deemed to have high EQ**. I personally suspect that there is some margin of error that was not accounted for in the fact that a highly IQ'd person can manipulate the test to display results of higher EQ than reality, but I digress lol)

So, in quick... Emotional Intelligence is what sets the super stars apart from the rest of the pack! FOLLOW ME FOR MORE OF THIS SERIES!!!

*TalentSmart Inc.

** Cornerstone University

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