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Meet Jenny

Multi Disciplinary Entrepreneur, CEO- Teal Door Realty, Founder- The Palette Collection and Palette Coffee Co., Venture Capitalist, NYFW Fashion Designer, Business Development Consultant, Author, Motivational Speaker and TV Host.


Jenny Heins is a multifaceted entrepreneur, artist, and visionary whose career is a testament to the power of ambition and the beauty of dreams realized. Recognized as Business Elite 40 Under 40 honoree (2023) and ranking nationally in real estate, Jenny's journey is marked by her relentless pursuit of excellence and her diverse achievements in various fields

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Jenny is the Music & Entertainment Host of the Emmy-nominated TV show "The American Dream" and the founder of Teal Door Realty, one of the fastest growing national real estate brokerages, she has not only achieved professional success but has also been a source of inspiration and motivation for many. Her entrepreneurial spirit is complemented by a deep passion for art and design, as evidenced by her significant presence in the New York Fashion Week 2023 and her acclaimed work as a gallery artist.


Beyond her achievements in media and the arts, Jenny stands out as a prolific venture capitalist. Her keen eye for potential and commitment to fostering innovation have led her to fund and mentor countless successful startups, turning nascent ideas into thriving enterprises. This aspect of her career highlights her belief in the transformative power of entrepreneurship and her dedication to supporting the next generation of business leaders.


Her ventures extend beyond the realms of entertainment and real estate. Her artistic endeavors are showcased in The Palette Collection, where fashion meets art in an expressive and unique style. Her commitment to education and empowerment is reflected in the establishment of the Heins Center for Education, which focuses on enlightening and nurturing visionary minds. In her roles as an executive business consultant, coach, and venture capitalist, Jenny demonstrates a keen ability to identify potential and foster growth, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve their fullest potential.

With a blend of creative vision and business acumen, Jenny Heins continues to shape industries, influence trends, and inspire individuals to pursue their dreams with courage and determination.

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Business Elite’s “40 Under 40” is a prestigious award program that identifies outstanding young Executives and Entrepreneurs in the world’s business and creates networking opportunities for the up-and-comers, aspiring young business leaders and industry disruptors with the undoubted attitude, quality, potential, desire, determination, and ambition to shape the world of business over the coming decades. Read more...

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